something stupid (bohemianxqueen) wrote in a_lovely_colin,
something stupid

Only Colin can play bass guitar...

OK, I loveth the happiest, bounciest member of Radiohead. My name is Jean-Philippe, therefore you should love me. Yes, I'm a guy, so you figured it. HAHA! I'm not gay either, but can you blame me? I put this argument forward for Thom and Jonny, my other faves, so you might have seen this. Anyway, I just thought I'd make my Colin (or Cos) obsession public!

I think he'd make a darling member of the royal family. Haha, his quote still makes me laugh like hell (the one about being a part of the royal family and playing bass).

I've been playing around the idea of a Colin icon too. :)


Who doesn't love BOUNCY COLIN?
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